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Livestock is a very important sector. Meat, cheese, milk and all dairy products are very valuable goods and consequently very demanded. We work with our clients and partners to achieve the highest profitability and efficiency in all commercial livestock processes.

Granadina Goat

We specialize in marketing the Murcia-Granada variety, much appreciated internationally for the quality and quantity of their milk, and high cheese performance.

In Treseus we are aware that prior to a breeding program there must be a herd with an optimal health.


We are specialists in the commercialization of calves, highly appreciated internationally for the production of meat and milk.

From Treseus we are aware of the importance of trading with healthy cattle, so we make sure that the calves accomplish rigorously all sanitary controls. Our strength is the export of live calves through livestock vessels.

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Do you want to
grow your
international business?

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