Livestock is a very important industry in Iran. Cheese, milk and dairy products are very valued and therefore demanded products. We work with our customers and partners to achieve the greatest profitability and efficiency in every livestock commercial process.

Murciano Granadina Goat

We specialize in marketing the Murcia-Granada variety, much appreciated internationally for the quality and quantity of their milk, and high cheese performance . In Treseus we are aware that prior to a breeding program there must be a herd with an optimal health.

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Artificial insemination is an essential tool for the process of cattle genetic evaluation. In Treseus we offer our clients the possibility of providing genetic cattle material. This is through a strict process that meets the quality standards of the Code of Animals established by the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health), the semen is treated frozen in the best conditions and the embryos are collected at a collection center approved by the local health authority and under veterinary supervision.

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