Treseus is the link between farmers and customers. We are specialists in different breeds of cattle, both in Europe, South America and Middle East. We advise you in the search and management of the breed that best suits your needs.

We are specialists in the export

We are specialists in the export of live calves for slaughter, always with the strictest security measures. Our extensive experience ensures that we can supply calf meat from live cattle of any breed to any part of the world.

Nelore Meat

Nelore cattle is robust appearance and with great muscle and body development.

Nelore breed gathers all the conditions to produce meat in tropical and subtropical zones, thanks to its strong resistance to heat.

Its potential in terms of weight gain easily exceeds 1,000 grams a day when subjected to a good diet.

The musculature, abundant and well covered with fat, covers a light and robust bone, which gives the nelores an admirable canal performance.

Nelore Heifer

Nelore heifer produces a superior meat.

The fat intermixed to the muscle makes a tastier meat. In addition, Nelore presents a carcass yield higher than 55%, another reason to be one of the most profitable calves for butchers.

Nelore heifer is perfect for:

  • Milk production.
  • Meat production
  • Labour.

The improvement of the breed has been obtained with combinations of good types of meat-producing animals.

Nelore features

  • The adult cow can weigh between 550 and 600 kilos.
  • The bull can weigh up to 1,000 kilos.
  • Calves at birth weigh between 26 and 28 kilos
  • Carcass yield varies from 58% to 60%
  • The longevity of the Nelore cow exceeds 10 years of productive life.

Angus meat

Angus beef is considered one of the best meats in the world.

They are grown in freedom, in extensive pastures during the first year, then they are fed with cereals and especially with corn. This feeding allows the animal to gain volume and depth, acquiring a balanced form with smooth forms of rounded contours, with ease of termination and without excessive accumulations of fat, in addition to a good muscular mass.

Angus Breed

Angus cattle can be black or red colour and one of its most significant features is that they do not have horns, which makes them more docile.

This breed is characterized by its great resistance, since they can be bred in areas of changing climates. Red Angus cattle can withstand higher temperatures because their reddish colour retains less solar heat.

The quality of Angus meat

All these characteristics make the Angus breed produce high-quality marbled meat, which, thanks to its tenderness, juiciness and exquisite taste, make it one of the most prestigious international meats.

Brahman meat

Brahman breed has the great advantage of its safe and easy adaptation and is by excellence the best calf for meat production.

Brahman cows reach an approximate weight between 500-650 kilos, with a giving birth capacity of between 12 and 13 calves.

The Brahman bulls reach an approximate weight of 800-950 kilos.

At 8 months, the average of weight of Brahman males is 283 kilos. The ideal weight of the bull for slaughter is 500 kilos and has a carcass yield between 54% and 56%

Advantages of Brahman meat

This animal can earn on average 724 grams per day, its characteristics have numerous advantages:

  • Good option for milk production.
  • Good fertility and fecundity rate.
  • Buena fertilidad y fecundidad.
  • Resistant to the contagion of diseases, avoid extra costs in medicines.

Charolais meat

Charolaise is a big size breed:

  • The Charolaise bulls’ weight is from 900 to 1250 kilos.
  • The Charolaise cow weight are from 560 to 950 kilos.

In the first year of life, the weight of the Charolaise cow reaches 480 kilos, with normal average gains between 1,300g and 1,600 grams per day.


  • Fertility and prolificacy (high rate of twin births).
  • Good milk production for its calves feeding (the best among the rest of meat breeds).
  • Very high growth development
  • Rustic animal, with a good capacity of adaptation to different breeding conditions, notably a high weight gain with coarse forages.

Charolais Carcass yield

The carcass yield is 60-65% and in yield competition could reach 68%, with a muscle / channel ratio relation of 78% and fat / carcass of 12-14%, but no coverage. The bone / carcass is 15-18%.

Limousin Meat

Limousin breed is the highest meat production breed per excellence.

Limousin cow is the one that offers the best performance of the carcass due to the fact they it has less proportion of fat and has finest bone, together with an exceptional loin and hind quarters.

The meat of Limousin is characterized by a very tender meat, very thin, lean and tasty, low in fat and cholesterol, presenting the sirloin cut up to 45% less fat, which makes it one of the better calves.

Advantages of Limousine meat.

There are 3 main benefits of Limousine Breed:

  • - Better performance of the carcass:
    - Less Fat.
    - Less Bone.
    - Higher lean.
  • Maximum amount of the carcass to sale in butcher shop.
  • Easy handling: low aggresiveness

Comparative among different breeds

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