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We have extensive global experience in marketing of grains (wheat, barley, soybeans, corn ...), selecting the best origins and suppliers.


Our experience in marketing grain internationally allows that we deal with the best origins and suppliers to get quality food for all kinds of livestock.


Cottonseed is an ideal livestock feed with exceptional qualities. With high raw protein content it becomes an excellent protein and energy source suitable for cattle. Some of the features that make cottonseed a distinguished food are its high fiber content, digestibility and palatability.

Its high fiber content, digestibility and palatability are some of the characteristics that make this differentiating food. From Treseus we select and distribute the highest quality raw material so that our clients can provide correct feeding for cattle while providing themselves with a competitive and differentiating product.


Our work as importers of dehydrated alfalfa has been pioneering in the Middle East. To respond to the demand of our customers, at Treseus we select the best suppliers of dehydrated alfalfa and we adapt our products to the technical and quality standards for all types of livestock and country.

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Do you want to
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