Alimentación Ganadera

There are many international opportunities and, thanks to the exceptional position of Treseus, we detect them and put them at the service of our clients with the aim of opening borders and achieve their access into the international market.. We detect opportunities, seek partners and manage the project.

Solar Energy

Once the opportunity was detected, Treseus started the installation of large-scale photovoltaic panels that can supply electricity to both populations with little access to electricity and, in general, as a clean energy supply to a part of the population. To carry out this project we count on Soltec, Renewable Energy; an association that provides the know-how, to ensure that we get the best of both fields in a totally professional way.


Treseus offers a consolidated structure and a management and marketing platform firmly installed to all producers who wish to market with oil, and comprises the whole production process from the building of platforms for extraction to the actual marketing of the product.


Many companies are interested in distributing their products internationaly. For those manufacturers we offer hectares for farming, providing the opportunity to get an in situ production system that will make easier and profitable its product distribution.

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